Fast Track coaching

Fast Track Coaching is private coaching clinic and USATF certified Club that can provide young distance runners with the necessary tools that they need in order to reach their peak performance levels.  Fast Track is a coaching service available to post collegiate runners and adult runners.

  •  The Fast Track coaching program is a complete approach to improving your running performance.  This includes a detailed and individually tailored schedule for each member.  The schedules are based on ability, talent, and prior experience.  In addition to creating individualized schedules, athletes will also be educated on the type of training that they are doing
  • Each athlete will receive coaching at least once a week in person and have unlimited access to online coaching.  There will be schedules, coaching tips and workouts all available online.
  • An important part of the Fast Track Coaching program is heart monitors.  Everyone in the program will learn how to use effective monitoring as an important tool to improving performance.
  • In addition Fast Track Coaching provides a complete program.  This includes not only a running schedule but also drills work and strength work.

Each Athlete who signs up for Fast Track will be asked to fill out an informational sheet that provides us with basic information regarding your physical fitness level and your best times as to provide us with the information necessary to best tailor each individual program. For further information please feel free to browse the sight or contact us either by email or our contact page (where you can ask questions and they will be answered within 24 hours.)