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11/29/2014 Run Santa Run 4 RESULTS
11/29/2014 Greenwich Alliance Turkey Trot RESULTS
11/27/2014 Southbury Turkey Trot RESULTS
11/27/2014 Goshen Turkey Trot RESULTS
11/27/2014 Commodore Hull Road Race RESULTS
11/27/2014 NRSP Turkey Trot RESULTS
11/27/2014 The Orange Rotary Turkey Trot RESULTS
11/27/2014 The Great Turkey Escape RESULTS
11/23/2014 Run for Autism 5K RESULTS
11/22/2014 Gobble Wobble for Smile Mass 5k and 10k RESULTS
11/09/2014 Gotham Cup (Bronx, NY) RESULTS
11/02/2014 Urban Fitness Challenge RESULTS
11/01/2014 Founders XC Championships RESULTS
11/01/2014 HVAL XC Championships RESULTS
10/26/2014 Kent Pumpkin Run RESULTS
10/26/2014 Miles for Music 5K (PA) RESULTS
10/26/2014 SRS 5K RESULTS
10/25/2014 Run with the Rams 5K RESULTS
10/25/2014 Run for the River RESULTS
10/25/2014 Enfield Runs for a Reason 5K RESULTS
10/25/2014 Healthy Minds 5K and 10K RESULTS
10/24/2014 CCSU Mini Meet RESULTS
10/19/2014 Grin N Bear It RESULTS
10/19/2014 U of Bridgeport Homecoming 5K RESULTS
10/18/2014 Lego Systems Inc Family 5K RESULTS
10/18/2014 Cider Run RESULTS
10/18/2014 Witch Way 5k RESULTS
10/17/2014 BL XC Championshiops RESULTS
10/15/2015 NVL XC Championships RESULTS
10/15/2014 CCC XC Championships RESULTS
10/11/2014 Haven Free Clinic 5K RESULTS
10/05/2014 Richmond Sprint Triathlon RESULTS
10/05/2014 Monroe Trail Run RESULTS
10/05/2014 NATPRO Adventure Race RESULTS
10/04/2014 Coventry Harvest Run RESULTS
10/03/2014 Nonnewaug Invitational RESULTS
09/28/2014 The Great River Challenge RESULTS
09/28/2014 Brocktrot 5k and 10k RESULTS
09/27/2014 Ted Owen Invite and Ray Crothers Run RESULTS
09/27/2014 Woodbury Run of the Scholars RESULTS
09/27/2014 Umass Revolution Run RESULTS
09/21/2014 Richmond Rox Half and Oly Triathlons RESULTS
09/21/2014 Southbury 10K Classic RESULTS
09/21/2014 Miles for Moe RESULTS
09/20/2014 Paddy Doyle Iona Meet of Champions RESULTS
09/20/2014 Stratton Brook Invitational RESULTS
09/18/2014 Going to the Sun Invitational RESULTS
09/14/2014 NOW 3.5 Mile Road Race RESULTS
09/14/2014 The Foxboro 5K RESULTS
09/14/2014 Hammerfest Triathlon RESULTS
09/13/2014 Brownstone Guts and Glory Adventure Race RESULTS
09/13/2014 Litchfield Jazz Run RESULTS
09/07/2014 I Run for Half Marathon RESULTS
09/07/2014 Westport Kiwanis Triathlon RESULTS
09/07/2014 Toughman Triathlon Championship RESULTS
09/06/2014 Toughkids Triathlon Championship RESULTS
09/04/2014 Timex Inc Family and Friends 5K RESULTS
09/01/2014 South Salem Biathlon RESULTS
08/30/2014 QSC Open Water Swim RESULTS
08/30/2014 Sao Paio 5K RESULTS
08/24/2014 Saybrook Point 5K RESULTS
08/17/2014 Norwalk Sprint Triathlon RESULTS
08/10/2014 Pink Power Triathlon RESULTS
08/03/2014 Jersey Girl Triathlon RESULTS
08/02/2014 Stronger Women Stronger World RESULTS
08/01/2014 Sandy Beach Triathlon RESULTS
07/20/2014 Shaneanigans 5K RESULTS
07/19/2014 Hopkins Vineyard Triathlon RESULTS
07/19/2014 Lily's Birthday Dash RESULTS
07/11/2014 Coney Island Aquathlon RESULTS
07/09/2014 Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon RESULTS
07/05/2014 Trifitness Kids Triathlon and Duathlon RESULTS
07/04/2014 John Demille Firecracker 8K Road Race RESULTS
06/29/2014 I Love the Tavern Triathlon RESULTS
06/29/2014 Doc's Race RESULTS
06/28/2014 Meriden Pet Fair 5K RESULTS
06/28/2014 CT Open Water Swim Championships RESULTS
06/22/2014 Marrakech Spring 5K RESULTS
06/22/2014 Areseca 5K RESULTS
06/22/2014 Intercommunity Firecracker 5K RESULTS
06/21/2014 Stamford KIC Kids Triathlon RESULTS
06/21/2014 WYLD Mud Run RESULTS
06/19/2014 NYC Police Chase 5K RESULTS
06/14/2014 Pat Griskus Olympic Distance Triathlon RESULTS
06/14/2014 Zombie Charge RESULTS
06/14/2014 Woodland JR Hawks Run RESULTS
06/08/2014 Naylors Beach Triathlons RESULTS
06/08/2014 Seaside Boogie Triathlon RESULTS
06/07/2014 The Mikes Hike 4K RESULTS
06/01/2014 The Ridgefield Triathlon RESULTS
06/01/2014 The Franklin 5K RESULTS
06/01/2014 Stomp The Monster 5K and 1 Mile RESULTS
05/31/2014 NRSP Sunset Run 5k RESULTS
05/31/2014 Raider Run RESULTS
05/31/2014 Krell Adventure Race RESULTS
05/31/2014 The Diaper Dash 5k RESULTS
05/30/2014 Bank Street Theater Twilight Run 5k RESULTS
05/26/2014 Oxford Freedom Run and Walk RESULTS
05/24/2014 RES PTA Raccoon Run 5K RESULTS
05/18/2014 Little Britches 5K RESULTS
05/18/2014 The Mike Mile RESULTS
05/18/2014 Power Sprint Triathlon RESULTS
05/17/2014 Power Kids Triathlon RESULTS
05/11/2014 Run Like A Mother RESULTS
05/10/2014 Spartan Invitational RESULTS
05/10/2014 Bishops 5k Run for Children RESULTS
05/10/2014 River Run for the Fund RESULTS
05/04/2014 Binghamton Bridge Run Half and 5K RESULTS
05/04/2014 Girls Just Wanna Run 5k RESULTS
05/04/2014 Cohen & Wolf Cinco de Miles RESULTS
05/03/2014 CHC Run for Mental Health RESULTS
05/03/2014 Granby Road Races RESULTS
04/27/2014 Greater Hartford Run for the Babies 5K RESULTS
04/27/2014 We Care 5K RESULTS
04/26/2014 Pratt Center Dirt Dash 5K RESULTS
04/26/2014 Running for Life 5K RESULTS
04/13/2014 15th Annual Meriden Rotary Club 5K RESULTS
04/06/2014 Chasing the Chicken Triathlon RESULTS
04/05/2014 Joanne McCormick Memorial Road Race RESULTS
04/05/2014 April Fools Backwards Mile RESULTS
04/05/2014 April Fools Walk RESULTS
04/05/2014 April Fools 5K RESULTS
03/29/2014 Two Guys Charity 5K RESULTS
03/29/2014 NYARA 10k, 25K, 50K and 50 Miles RESULTS
03/23/2014 Miles for Music 20k and 5K RESULTS
03/22/2014 Feet Beats 5K RESULTS
03/22/2014 Coast Guard Academy 5K (Text) RESULTS
03/16/2014 WSSAC St. Patrick's Day 4 Miler RESULTS
03/15/2014 OJ's Shamrock Shuffle (Oakville, CT) RESULTS
03/15/2014 ion Bank St. Patrick's Day Running Festival RESULTS
03/15/2014 Shamrock Shuffle (Jefferson, MA) RESULTS
03/08/2014 Binghamton St. Patrick's 4 Miler RESULTS
03/02/2014 The Big Chili Run RESULTS
02/23/2014 Love Rox Half Marathon and 10K RESULTS
02/08/2014 Bob and Peg Andrulis Sweetheart Run RESULTS
01/01/2014 Chilly Chili Run (Text) RESULTS
01/01/2014 Chilly Chili Run (Searchable) RESULTS